pelham NH April 2011 pelham NH April 2011 FROSTY To be rescued feels like your on top of the world !!! 122968616 relaxin Can you tell who is who ??? 122968994 No april fools days joke !!! Last snow storm of the year "We hope" April fools day 2011 frost and I build our last snow man !!! 122969269 dad and mom and frost when frosty first came home !!! 122969245 Our daughter and frost when frosty first came home !!! 122970004 now this is cozzzzy Life cant get better than this !!! 122970192 Our daughter and frost He is a total lap pup !!! and were lookin at 100 lbs full grown,,oh my goodness! 122970244 WHO RESCUED WHO ? All my life, growing up my parents rescued, and now i have continued the gift. Frosty has given our family something special after the loss of our "BRANDY". Honor, Devotion, Companionship, and love. "Who rescued who??? In loving memory of our Brandy.. thank you for sending us Frosty !!!! 122970572 The beach Frosty loves the ocean... 187096848 The beach Lovin the water.. 187096850 A true Red sox fan ! frostys mom entered him in a contest at work... He won first prize for Best Team Spirt 187096878